Affordable E-Beam

This is our most popular mid-size system, since the III-V and photonic device community operates at smaller wafer and batch sizes than current Si development demands, making a clean pumped, manual-loading simple system exceptionally suitable for both R&D and production.

  • Cryo-pumped
  • 6kW Telemark
  • System automation
  • Process automation
  • Flexible tooling
  • Very suitable GaAs, materials research, limited production
  • Less than $120 K!

Electron Beam Chambers 18-22" diameter x 24-30 high usual, larger on request. CTI-8 cryo, dual-stage rotary vane forepump,one rate controller, multi-process, thermal resistance sources optional, robust PLC automation with full manual over-rides, all electropneumatic valves, ss manifold, electric hoist, variety of fixturing including rotary domes, planetaries and specialized cooled, heated, shadowing, lift-off.  Liners, RGA other options.

 Mostly used for device metallization in lift-off configuration,  has been bought for innovative nano-technology applications.  Latest versions include:

  • hybridized with magnetron sputtering sources and filament sources for maximum utility in a university setting
  • variable angle cryo stage for sub-micron mems device creation. 

NASA stepper substrate

The design emphasis is on simplicity, vital for those customers with no budget for field service, and versatility for easy adaptation to the largest variety of tasks.  At the same time, units in production applications have proven to be troublefree and user-maintainable for maximum uptime. 

The cost is low enough to protect critical production flow by having two or more for the price of a single, more complex tool.  Our ability to take on highly-custom requirements, such as fixturing,  on an individual basis with  little added engineering cost, allows the user to develop and test new ideas in the most economical way.